ShinWon, committed to its eight-year 'Building Houses with Love' project in Vietnam
12. 2023

▶ An employee who worked for 15 years lost their home in a fire... ShinWon provides housing support through the ‘Building Houses with Love' project

▶ Yong-taek Kwon, Director of ShinWon Ebenezer Vietnam, states, “We will work together with nearby neighbors to build a warm local community” 

▲ ShinWon Corporation take a commemorative photo with Ms. Le and her husband at the completion ceremony for the 9th ‘House of Love’ (2024-02-06)  
South Korean fashion company ShinWon Corporation (CEO: JJ Park) has announced that they presented the 9th 'House of Love' to an Vietnamese employee who lost their home in a fire.

The 'Building Houses with Love' project is part of ShinWon’s social contribution activities that was initiated in 2017 to improve the living environment of the underprivileged in the area where the Vietnam production plant is located. So far, the project has prioritized households facing difficult living conditions and has built eight houses for them.

The selected recipient for this round of ‘Building Houses with Love’ project is Ms. Le Thi Loan, who has been working at ShinWon Ebenezer Vietnam over 15 years. Unfortunately, her house was destroyed in a sudden fire last year.
Yong-taek Kwon, Director of ShinWon Ebenezer Vietnam, said, “I was deeply saddened to hear the news of a fire at the home of ShinWon family. We are confident in their strength and resilience as they adjust to this unforeseen circumstance. We believe in supporting our colleagues through any hurdles they may face, building a strong and united local community.”
Ms. Le’s husband expressed his gratitude, saying, “Our home disappeared in an instant, causing us a lot of worry. We sincerely thank ShinWon, Vĩnh Phúc Children's Foundation, and various community organizations for their heartfelt support.”

Meanwhile, ShinWon has been contributing to the Vietnam community for more than 10 years through various CSR activities, including the installation of solar LED lights for low-income households, provision of scholarships to underprivileged groups, and donations to local schools. Last year, the company organized a “Korea-Vietnam Culture Exchange Night” event, the presentation of scholarships, and the donation of a piano to a school for the blind.